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We Buy / Sell Your -  Leica Viva TS11 Manual Total Station

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We Buy / Sell Your - Leica Viva TS11 Manual Total Station


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Leica Viva TS11 Total Station Leica Viva TS11 Manual Total Station
Leica Viva TS11, is the most advanced manual total station with the inclusion of Leica SmartWorx Viva easy-to-use onboard software, imaging and GNSS capability. With a complete package of easy-to-use software your work can start immediately and be finished faster than ever before. Add full GNSS functionality to your Viva TS11 whenever you want and combine TPS and GNSS in the most efficient way. Or use imaging with the unique capture-sketch-link functionality. High resolution total station images can be captured, enhanced with sketching and then linked to any point of  interest. Costly revisits can be avoided to significantly improve productivity. Every vision on every scale becomes reality with ease.

Simply productive surveying software
With clear graphics, non-technical terminology and simplified workflows SmartWorx Viva is incredibly easy to use.
  • Survey, coding and lineworks
  • Including full application package
Best-in-class Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM)
With PinPoint EDM, Viva TPS delivers the optimal balance of range, accuracy, reliability, beam visibility, laser dot size and measurement time.
  • 1 mm + 1.5 ppm to prism
  • 2 mm + 2 ppm to any surface
  • 1000 m range without a prism
Leica Viva Smart Station Add-on
Add full GNSS functionality to your Viva TS11 whenever you want and combine TPS and GNSS in the most efficient way.
  • Use SmartStation for TPS setup without the need of control points, traverses and resections

Angle Measurement (Hz, V)
1” (0.3 mgon) / 2” (0.6 mgon) /
3” (1 mgon) / 5” (1.5 mgon)
Absolute, continuous, diametrical:
at all models
Display resolution
0.1” / 0.1 mgon
Quadruple Axis compensation:
at all models
Compensator Setting Accuracy
Distance Measurement with Reflector
Range Round prism (Leica GPR1)
3.500 m
Range Reflective tape (60 mm x 60 mm)
250 m
Standard: 1.0 mm + 1.5 ppm
Fast: 2.0 mm + 1.5 ppm
Tracking: 3.0 mm + 1.5 ppm
Typical Measurement time
1.0 s
Distance Measurement without Reflector
PinPoint R500 / R1000

> 500 m / > 1000 m  (Optional)
2 mm + 2 ppm
Laser dot size
At 30 m: approx. 7 x 10 mm
At 50 m: approx. 8 x 20 mm
Data storage / Communication
Internal memory
1 GB
USB memory stick
1 GB     (Optional)
SD Card
8 GB     (Optional)
– Serial (Baudrate up to 115’200)
– USB Type A and mini B,
– Bluetooth® Wireless, class 1
– Bluetooth® > 1000 m  (with TCPS29)
Data formats
Custom ASCII, DXF, LandXML,
Guide Light (EGL)
Working Range
(average atmospheric conditions)
5 m – 150 m
Positioning accuracy
5 cm at 100 m
30 x
Resolving power
Field of View
1° 30’ (1.66 gon)
2.7 m at 100 m
Focusing range
1.7 m to infinity
Illuminated, 10 brightness levels
Keyboard and Display
High resolution Color & Touch
display, 65’000 colors, graphics,
Full-VGA, display illumination,
10 brightness levels
36 keys, (12 function keys, 12
alphanumerical keys), illumination
Face I, Face II     (Optional)
Operating System
Windows CE
Laser point, 5 brightness levels
Centering accuracy
1.5 mm at 1.5 m Instrument height
Internal Battery
Operating time
approx. 14 hours
Total station including GEB222 and tribrach
5.8 kg
Temperature range (operation)
–20° C to +50° C (–4° F to +122° F)
Arctic Version –35° C to 50° C  (–31° F to +122° F)     (Optional)
Dust / Water (IEC 60529) Humidity
IP55, 95%, non condensing
Leica SmartWorx Viva Onboard Software
Included Application Programs
Survey & Coding with Lineworks
DTM Stakeout
Station Setup
Surface & Volumes
Remote Height
Hidden Point
Reference Line / Arc
Sets of Angles
Determine Coordinate Systems

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